Mission statement:

The No Strays Project is an initiative of the Dehart Vet Foundation.

The No Strays Project is aimed at decreasing pet overpopulation, decreasing animal shelter populations, and providing affordable access to veterinary care.

To help decrease stray pet overpopulation and shelter populations by:

  • Providing free or reduced-cost spay/neuter resources
  • Providing free pet food
  • Preventative care resources
  • Providing educational resources
  • Providing low to no cost microchips

The No Strays Project will achieve this mission by:

  • Applying for grants and soliciting donations to provide free or reduced-cost surgery and medical prevention
  • Having at least one monthly pet food giveaway
  • Publishing and presenting educational resources

Founded by a high quality high volume spay/neuter veterinarian in East Texas. Partnering with Dehart Veterinary Services.

Board of Directors:

Sharon Marsh – Executive Director

Joanna Beltran – Secretary

Ilona Hunley – Treasurer